I’m Amanda. Lover of hiking, Stråla yoga, reading, dogs, food, writing, and sharing things on the internet.

Here you’ll find lots of everything listed above with a main focus on yoga and connecting to nature.

I started getting into yoga in 2012 as a supplement to my running. I was a big runner back then and would try anything to benefit it. Soon I fell in love with yoga and in 2013 I did my first training at Stråla Yoga in NYC. I quickly became obsessed with Stråla as a whole and as cliché as it is, it changed my life. Over the next few years I strayed from a strictly Stråla practice and took another 200 hour training from a teacher I’ve followed since way back when I first rolled out a yoga mat. No matter what, that Stråla movement still lives inside of me and is something that I always come back to.

As a yoga guide and my mission is to share the practice and path that has shaped me into who i am as well as allows me to continue to evolve and grow on and off of the mat.

I release a new yoga flow every Monday and would love to practice with you!


I am here to share stories, yoga, and beautiful things that I hope will resonate and spark something inside of you to create and live a beautifully awesome life, too.

Let's connect.

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Much love. xo