Strala Yoga

Yesterday I ventured to New York City to explore it for the first time before I start my teacher training classes this fall. It wasn't the best experience that I've ever had, but we'll save that for another post. Strala Yoga

We left my house before 3 a.m. to start the trip. We finally got into the city around 9 a.m. I really wanted to take the Strong class that Tara Stiles was teaching that morning. I knew I was pressed for time so we just began walking. I made it there around 9:25 a.m. sweaty and out of breath. (It was about 80 degrees already.) I met Tara, Mike, and another girl who was working at the desk that will be taking the training this fall too. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. So I walked into the studio and set up my mat patiently waiting for class to begin. There were probably about 15 of us taking the class, including Mike which I think is great. But class began and it was absolutely fantastic. It was challenging and so fun at the same time. Tara is so helpful and walks around during class to make sure that you're doing good and help you in any way she can. I didn't feel any pressure to "get into any poses" and didn't feel judged like I have in some studios. I wasn't planning on going back to NYC until this fall when I start the training, but being at Strala and being a part of it makes me want to go back asap. If you're a yogi (or even if you're not and you're just curious) stop in at Strala and take a class. You can rent a mat for $2 if needed and drop ins are welcome! I feel as if this experience this fall will be such a positive and life changing experience and I can't wait to begin.

Huge News

I've been wanting to post about this for the longest time now. It's something I'm really, really excited about. Especially now since it's official and I actually can post about it. Well I could before, but I didn't want to jinx it! So you're probably wondering what the big news is, right?!

Get ready.



Yeah, the Strala yoga studio owned by TARA STILES. Please excuse me while I cry uncontrollably due to overexcitement of life right now.

This is such a huge deal for me. I am so passionate about yoga. I practice every day. I want to be able to share the joy that I get out of it with others and hopefully help them reach a state of peace and contentedness within themselves like yoga has helped me achieve. I want to show everyone that anyone can do yoga no matter what. It is for everyone and I love that. I really am just so passionate about it all. It means so much to me and has changed who I am as a person.

I am so excited to earn this experience to grow as a person and grow into a yoga teacher. This is life changing for me and I am so grateful to be given an opportunity like this.

Just two short months ago I quit my merchandise coordinator job at a retail store and had no plan of a future whatsoever. It was scary, yet so relieving. I was getting rid of unnecessary stress in my life. But as of recently I've been feeling uneasy about the future and what would become of it. I don't feel that way anymore though. This is proof that good things will happen if you work hard enough and are passionate enough about something. You can achieve anything. I know that I haven't even went to this program yet, let alone completed it. But three months before I'm even starting the program, I know that it will be worth it. I can feel it. It can happen to you too. Not yoga teacher training, unless that's what you want. Then DO IT. I mean, getting what you want, reaching a goal, achieving a dream. It can happen! If you don't know what route you're going right now, that's okay. You'll figure it out. You can do it and you will if you work hard enough. Keep your head up and keep your eye on the prize. Everything works out in the end.

I'm excited to share this journey towards my goals with all of you! I won't be starting until September, but it's still a journey to get there to that point and I hope that you'll all enjoy following me along the way.

"All of our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them."   -Walt Disney

Thanks for reading. (: