One Green Planet - Food Monster App Review

Coming at you today to share something really exciting! There's a new food app in town called Food Monster by One Green Planet. I'm sure you're familiar with One Green Planet and their Food Monster page. If not, where have you been?! 

One Green Planet is my go-to for all things in the realm of conscious living. It's a collection of knowledge and entertainment from various contributors around the world. Their Food Monster page is a huge collection of vegan recipes and how to guides on all things plant based. It's now going to be easier than ever to interact with One Green Planet's Food Monster content because it's all going to be on the new Food Monster app!

The Food Monster app is officially going to be released April 22, Earth Day! There's no better way to celebrate Earth Day than by making yourself a delicious vegan recipe from the Food Monster app! If you want to download the app before Friday, follow this link and check it out before it's released. The app is only for iPhone users right now, but it'll be available to Android customers later this year!

I've had the chance to check the app out and already am loving it so much that I had to share it with you guys. There are over 5,000 recipes available and 100+ categories to search. Each recipe has a beautiful photo along with details on how to prepare the food. There's also a discussion panel on each recipe to share your thoughts and connect with others who have also tried the recipe out. I'm all about connecting with like minded individuals and the discussion panel on the recipes will give us all the chance to know what to expect from each recipe before the ingredients even enter your kitchen. I love that!

You also have the option to "search" for literally anything that you desire whether it's french fries, pineapple guacamole, or fried chicken. You name it, there's probably a recipe for it! Tonight I've been browsing the seasonal Spring recipes for some ideas of what to make for an upcoming picnic.

One of my favorite features on the app is that you can search by ingredient. If you have a tomato that you really need to use but aren't sure how to use it then all you have to do is search for that ingredient. All of the recipes including tomatoes will pop up. Problem solved!

Check out the video to get a true sneak peek of what all the app has in store and then click here and download it! The app has so much to offer and gives you access to it all at the tip of your fingers. It's a fun way to spice up your cooking skills and connect with others who are into creating tasty plant based foods through a sleek, easy to use app. Let me know what you think of it and share with me the best recipes that you come across! Happy recipe hunting!