Gratitude Project - Week 52

The time has come. The last day of 2016 and the last Gratitude Project post ever. Honestly, I'm super excited. I love year long projects and I'm 100% ready to dive into my next one. (Which will be announced here tomorrow!) This Gratitude Project was fun and I'm going to love being able to look back on the entire year but as I was reflecting on it this past week I've realized that it didn't necessarily challenge me. And at this point in my life that's what I'm looking for out of a lengthy project like this. I want to overcome obstacles throughout a project and that didn't happen with this. But I am still very glad that I worked my way through the entire 366 days (yay leap year) of posting. The main thing that I took away from it all was that being consistent is so important. Small steps each day lead up to big things. And you just have to do the thing. Everyday you have to show up, work through whatever you have happening, and do the thing. There are days where I didn't want to sit down and write the weekly recap post and there are days where I didn't really have much to document and share. I always showed up though and I made it happen. Not necessarily because I had to, because I didn't have to do any of this. But I wanted to. And that is key.

So one last time, let's get into this week of Gratitude.

DAY 359

Christmas Eve! Today I made desserts, went to church with the family, and had dinner at my grandparents before going back home to decorate (fail miserably) gingerbread houses!

DAY 360

Christmas!! Today my diet consisted of these chocolate peanut butter pretzels and I am 100% okay with that.

DAY 361

I have a Polaroid camera that I got for my birthday and just discovered that I can take 4 pictures at once with it. Oh man I am so excited! It's the little things

DAY 362

I love the freshly fallen snow on the trees in the woods. So pretty!

DAY 363

Today was little Evie's first birthday. The one time that she could make a mess and not get in trouble for it!

DAY 364

Somedays I have extra time in the morning before work to do stuff. I love mornings like this because I'm not rushed and can enjoy the peace and solitude of the beginning of the day so much more than usual.

DAY 365

I made gingerbread pancakes and had someone staring me down the entire time just waiting for a piece to drop. And of course you can't resist a face like that!

DAY 366

Darrin and I went to dinner tonight and had such a nice time! I tried broccoli soup for the first time and I am 100% obsessed with it. We also both found books at the book store, did some grocery shopping, and came home to watch Harry Potter before falling asleep by 10:30 p.m. I'd call that a successful night!

Once again, thank you for joining me for this weeks little moments of gratitude. I am so grateful for all of you joining me on this blog. I'll be back tomorrow with the announcement of what next years big project will be as well as a list of my smaller goals that I've made. Talk to you soon. Much love. xx

Gratitude Project - Week 51

Christmas Eve is tomorrow. What, what!? I haven't watched a single Christmas movie/show all season and I'm kind of disappointed in myself honestly. Good thing I still have a chance to make that happen.

*adds it to my to-do list*

This past week flew by. So fast, not too furious but I woke up today and I'm like how is Christmas happening so soon? How is New Years happening pretty soon too?

It's crazy for me to think about the fact that next week at this time I will sit down for the last time to do one of these Gratitude Project posts. Time go so fast and as things continue to move forward I am pulled towards more mindfulness and awareness in my daily life. More on that next week when I share my goals for 2017 but for now let's get to this weeks little bits of gratitude. 

DAY 352

Blurry picture! But we went to my work Christmas party tonight and then bought fruit snacks at TJ Maxx at 10:30 p.m. Thank god for holiday hours.

DAY 353

Ginger cookies! Baking brings me so much joy. I've really stepped up my baking game over the past few months and I'm super proud of myself for it. Plus, having a fresh batch of cookies for the week is the perfect way to start things off!

DAY 354

I was making dinner tonight and my partner in crime joined me. With a face like that you can't resist giving her samples of whatever you're making!

DAY 355

The sunset on the drive home tonight was A+. Sunsets are my favorite and they have been so good lately. Magic.

DAY 356

I had to go to the bank today and the lady at the window drew this on my envelope. It made me so happy! 

DAY 357

I got a yoga wheel for Christmas and I was supposed to wrap it up to receive on Christmas but I just couldn't resist trying it out first. I am so excited to rip this open on Sunday and roll around on it forever and ever!

DAY 358

Tonight we ate burgers, fries, and milkshakes and took a trip to the Penguins game and had such a good time! Such a good start to a great weekend!

That's it for this week. Thanks for joining me!

Gratitude Project - Week 50

It's that time of the week again. Each week I sit down to write this post out I get more and more excited. Just two more weeks of my Gratitude Project!

I do a lot of things that aren't necessarily fun but are inherently rewarding. This is one of them. Taking a photo of something that I'm grateful for each day isn't the hardest task but the monotony of it has gotten to me a bit. Plus, I'm excited to start a new project for 2017!

But before we get to any of that we still have to get through these next few weeks and more specifically, this post today! I had a tough week because I got sick. Ugh, ugh. Being sick is the worst. I'm still not feeling 100% and haven't been able to eat my normal amounts of meals. So I've had a pretty slow, laid back week. Sometimes that's just what you need though! 

DAY 345

I talked Darrin into doing a bit of acro yoga tonight! 

DAY 346

First snow covered road run of the year. Running in the snow always adds another component to my workout and forces me to be more present which is always a good thing!

DAY 347

I woke up today feeling so sick. I went to work and left early to go home and be miserable in peace. So glad that I have an understanding boss who let me get home and rest up!

DAY 348

My first meal since Sunday! Taking a sick day today. I laid in bed all day long and just tried to rest. For someone on the go all the time it was definitely a challenge but so needed.

DAY 349

One thing about recovering from being sick is that I have time to read more books. Started this today and I'm excited!

DAY 350

I worked late tonight and had to sit in my car for 25 minutes before the windshield defrosted enough for me to be able to see. Traffic was slow moving but the sunset was so pretty which made it all worth it.

DAY 351

I practiced yoga for so long today and it felt good. I'm navigating my way through heart openers more and more lately. I used to despise them because they were tough for me. But then I realized that they're what I need to practice most. Open up. Improve. Feel good. So that's what I'm doing. I'm working my way through them instead of avoiding them. Doing the hard things. Appreciating it.

That's it for this week. Thanks for joining! xx

Gratitude Project - Week 49

December and the holidays are in full swing. I'm almost finished up with my Christmas shopping and I'm excited about that because the stores are crazy. I went to the mall last week and in a lot of the stores I was shopping at I had Darrin stand in the line while I shopped around the store getting what I needed. That's the way you have to do it, friends!

After this week I only have three more weeks left of this project. Crazy! I really like long term, yearly projects and I'm trying to decide what I'll be doing for 2017. It's kind of a big deal to decide because I don't like to start things and not finish them and a year long project is a big commitment. If there's anything you think I should try let me know!

DAY 338

We started the day with waffles at Eden. We couldn't find parking so we had to park a mile away and walk in the freezing cold to get the waffles. Totally worth it! Afterwards we went shopping and got fully submersed in the retail side of Christmas. It's time!

DAY 339

Christmas cat! When Coale gets into the tree he makes a disaster out of it but I can't help but to think about how adorable he is hanging amongst the ornaments.

DAY 340

I dressed the dogs up in their pajamas today because why not?! This weekend I'm taking their Christmas photos (yes that's a thing) so we were practicing tonight!

DAY 341

I haven't been decorating my food lately. It's refreshing to just make things and eat it after years of decorating everything I put into my mouth. Breaks are good. I'm trying to fully enjoy mine and only decorate food when I'm feeling drawn to do so for this month. Reset. Recharge.

DAY 342

Still running outside! I am not a fan of cold weather running. It's always a pretty miserable experience honestly but I feel so good afterwards which makes it totally worth it!

DAY 342

I've had two salads this week. That's a big deal for me honestly! I've been loving them though because they're so quick and easy to make! Kale, caesar dressing, chickpeas, and pomegranate. Yum!

DAY 344

I got a Big Blue bath bomb, featuring sea salt and seaweed, at Lush last week. As someone obsessed with the ocean this was such a nice thing! I was never a big fan of baths until I incorporated bath bombs into my life and now I really enjoy them as self care practices, especially with a good book!

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading! xx

Gratitude Project - Week 48

Hi guys! I don't really have a whole lot that I'm feeling drawn to say at the moment so we're just going to jump right into the little bits of gratitude from this week!

DAY 330

Started off the morning with a run! Roxy and I ran a few miles in the early hours before the world was awake. Such a grounding way to start the day!

DAY 331

I've been working on my heart openers in my yoga practice lately. So challenging because they're not at all my favorite thing to do. But I think that working on things I'm not good at really helps to better be in my practice.

DAY 332

First day of hunting season here in PA. The only thing I went hunting for was all of my bright clothing to wear on my run! I always wear black so dressing up in my brightest brights was fun for a change!

DAY 334

Blurry picture of my ride home from work. I worked late and it was dark before I left work. I drove home listening to music and watching the sunset before me.

DAY 335

I set a mile PR running this morning! It feels so good because I have struggled with injuries the past 2 years of running. Running faster and pain free was one of the best feelings.

DAY 336

Roxy got her elf costume in the mail today! She is so cute, I seriously can't handle it!

DAY 337

I took a painting class with my mom and sister tonight. I've never done something like this but we had such a good time!

That's all for this week. Thanks for joining! xx