Embarking On An Adventure

I'll keep this short, a few weeks ago I decided to do something that might make me crazy. Talk to me on September 1st and I'll let you know how it goes.

I was biking and I came up with an idea. I want to put more effort into this site, really commit to it more than ever before. How can I do that?

Well, there's plenty of ways to do so. I chose one specific way though. 

For the month of August I'm going to post one blog post every day. That's 31 days of blog posts.

Am I crazy? Probably. Am I able to do it? I believe so. Am I excited? A little! Am I nervous? Heck yes.

I'm ready though. It's all happening starting tomorrow. I hope that you'll join me by reading, commenting, and sharing all of your thoughts and experiences with me throughout this next month.

Let's do this.

See you all tomorrow for the start of what will be a wild ride!