One Thing Changed My Relationship With Running

As a lot of you probably know, I was training for a marathon at the beginning of this year. I was 4 months into my 9 month training plan and boom, injury. This has been part of running that I’ve struggling a lot in the last few. years and has completely changed my relationship with running from something that I loved and enjoyed to something that was stressful and disappointing. Since these injuries keep popping up I’ve gotten a lot slower than I used to be and enjoy it a lot less. I know that I shouldn’t equate my joys of running to my times but I know what my body used to be capable of, so when I’m putting in all of the time and effort into marathon training then I want to at least feel decent doing it.

Fall Intentions

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts but I’m really into the idea of sharing my intentions for this season. I always try to set seasonal intentions as well as monthly intentions. Having a clear idea of what I want out of each season gives me a chance to really narrow down what it’ll take for me to get there in my monthly intentions! It’s my way going from big picture goals, to smaller goals, to ultimately achieving those goals. Step by step, little by little. Because let’s be real, you can set some big 3 month goals and then when it's time to put things into action you get so overwhelmed and end up looking back at those 3 months in disappointment because the overwhelm resulted in paralysis of actually kicking it into gear and making things happen!

So today I’ll be sharing my intentions for this fall season and next week I’ll pop in with my October intentions so that you can see what I’m talking about!

Turn the Ship Around

Do you ever find yourself turning away from the thing you need at the time you need it the most?

That’s been me with yoga basically this entire year.

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 8 years and up until this year that practice has been consistent. I’m talking at least 30 minutes a day, every. single. day.

I fell off the wagon big time this year and I honestly couldn’t tell you why. I want to do yoga but there is something that makes that want feel less strong than the other things that I prioritize. Which in turn means that I don’t end up doing it.

They say that the pain of the situation has to be greater than the pain of avoidance before change happens, and that is very true.


Today I’m launching FLOW THRIFT and I am so excited to share this!

FLOW THIFT is a creation that stems from something that I have loved for many years, fashion.

I never really shared much about my fashion interest on this site, or online in general, but it is something that has always been something I really love.

As an avid thrifter I have decided to share this love with all of you by creating an Instagram store where I’ll be selling hand-picked thrifted and vintage finds that I find unique and beautiful.

After learning about the fast fashion industry I greatly reduced my purchases of new clothes and my love for thrifting deepened.

Two Questions for Reconnection

A thought has been stuck in my head all day; who are you when you’re out in the world?

We’re all different people throughout our days. You’re a different person when you’re at work vs. when you’re at home. You’re a different person at a sporting event vs. at a coffee shop. We all have different personalities and qualities about us depending on where we’re at in the world, or even where we’re at in life.

I think that these different versions of ourselves is normal and necessary, to an extent. But a lot of us wear many unnecessary masks to try to show the world who we want to try to be instead of who are actually are.

I think this thought coincides with another thought that I’ve had pop up recently; would our child selves be proud of who we are?


Here’s the thing. I’m an all or nothing person. I’m either all in and completely obsessed or I’m all out and not interested. I struggle to keep myself dedicated to mostly everything that isn’t yoga, meditation, exercising, and journaling. All of my other creative and wellness type focuses come and go.

This isn’t something that I necessarily like about myself because I’m oftentimes bouncing from one thing to the next and not dedicating time to really hone in on a few key things that I can craft and refine.

Day Zero

We start tomorrow!

Well, I do.

Thirty days of blogging.

That’s right, I’m taking it back to 2011 and blogging every single day for the month of September. And holy guacamole am I excited! I think this will really help me to get past my perfectionistic mindset and really put my work out into the world.

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy being paralyzed by the perfectionism and the fear of not putting out “good content.” Which I mean, come on self, that is so totally ridiculous.

A Little Health Update

Even though I’m stepping away from the food blog life doesn’t mean that I’ll stop talking about food completely. No way!!

It’s been a long while since I’ve shared an update about my health and all things food and I figured that today is a perfect time to share a little bit about how things have been going.

If you need a little recap you can check out more about stepping away from veganism and all things food before continuing with this post.

Okay, carrying on!