i'm amanda. twenty five years old. lover of hiking, reading, dogs, writing, and sharing things on the internet to spark deep connections with you reading this right now.


i'm a libra, an october baby and i love that so much.
growing up i didn't like the hometown i grew up in. in fact, i still don't like it to the point that i don't even tell people that i'm from there.
i was a shy and creative child but i also loved my fair share of saturday morning cartoons and counted down the days until summer vacation obsessively.
growing up, i am still who i was as that young child.
quiet and reserved, but fiercely paying attention to everything and nothing all at once.
creative and "unconventional."
truly myself.

i live in pennsylvania and have grown to love the four seasons over the past few years.
summer is still my favorite, but the other three aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be.
i'm wildly in love with the outdoors. i'm writing this from my hammock currently.
i eat tons of fruit and veggies, and tons of cupcakes and cinnamon rolls, too.
i've been 98% vegan for the past 5 years.
i'm a yoga guide and my mission is to share the practice that has shaped me into who i am as well as allows me to continue to evolve and grow.


i am here to share stories, yoga, and beautiful things that i hope will resonate with you and spark something inside of you to create and live authentically, too.

Let's connect.

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Much love. xo